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For warm weather, bobs and lobs are breezy and cool, but when the weather gets hot the only acceptable style is one that keeps hair completely away from your sweaty face and neck. For haircuts barely long enough to reach into a ponytail, this can be a challenge. After scouring the internet, I’ve curated the best solutions. You can have your bob and wear an updo too. –– Laura Martin

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As a hairdresser of over fifteen years, I feel like my favorite hairstyle should be something technically impressive and sophisticated: a classic French twist, intricate basket weave, or perfectly executed finger wave. But the truth is, in my mind, no style holds a candle to the simple allure of a pair of pigtails. They keep hair close to my face, which feels like I’m wearing it down, but also controlled like I’m wearing it up. When I was a little girl, this style allowed me to admire my favorite baubled hair bands. Now, pigtails are my solution to weird bedhead, disguising flat roots, and giving curls an extra day of wear.  I simple can’t get enough. Click through to see more of my favorite examples. –– Laura Martin   Click for StyleNotes →

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We’re officially in the holiday season, a time when parties abound. Some of these parties may be formal enough to call for a French twist, but more often holiday parties are an occasion where you want to look good, but not necessarily formal. I created the look pictured above for a friend who was looking for something original for a fun, low-key event. Bohemian yet chic, it pairs beautifully with a simple dress or skinny jeans and a metallic tee. Click the notes for my illustrated step-by-step instructions. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Hair combs are elegant and have a lovely vintage feeling, and now they’re more useful than ever thanks to extended length. These are great for clipping back the side of a bob, adding some sparkle to a French twist, or anchoring a victory roll. Lauren Conrad loves them too; you can check out her ideas here or click the style notes for recommended uses and tips on where to find this fantastic adornment. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Outside of a wedding or a red carpet event it can be hard to pull off an old school updo. The formality of classic French twists, chignons, and bouffants doesn’t really gel with street style. The usual solution is to mess-up the style with intentional wisps and wild texture. But on the runways we’ve seen a different fix: naked skin. The absence of makeup (or its application on a single feature) gives updos a surprising, youthful, freshness. Learn how to create this high fashion style in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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