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Gigi and Bella are both stunning, but their looks represent very different aspects of feminine beauty. Gigi’s style is sweet, girly, and boho. Her beachy waves and sweet smile are pretty and soft. Bella’s look is a edgy and strong. Her sleek, dark strands and love of dramatic necklines gives her an exotic, striking appearance. Between the two of them, these gorgeous sisters offer inspiration for women all across the fashion spectrum. Learn to steal their signature hairstyles in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


Beauty takes many forms. For some women, beauty is long hair, soft makeup, floaty dresses. Others like clean lines, short cuts, and leather jackets. My own form of femininity is a blend of the two. I look ridiculous in ruffles and I can’t be bothered with lipstick, but I love heeled booties, antique barrettes and pink nail polish. I can’t pull off leather or tattoos, but I love my strong eyebrows and muscular arms. Most women’s style is a balance between these two extremes, but some lean more towards softness while others prefer a bold expression of femininity. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Does it change day to day? Cara Delevigne (pictured above) looks great on both ends of the spectrum. Click the notes for more celebrities examples. –– Laura Martin 

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Okay, so it’s still cold outside but the days are starting to get longer and spring is starting to seem closer. If you’re anything like me that means you’re already finding creative ways to wear open-toed shoes and bronzer, anything to pretend spring is already here. Flowered headbands are a great way to incorporate spring beauty into your late-winter ensembles. Click the style notes for tips on how to wear the look. –– Laura Martin

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We all have different aspects to our personalities. You may be a mixture of boho and punk, preppy and girly, or athletic and romantic. Whatever your specific combination, the interplay of disparate aspects can make for stunning looks. These styles pair different hues on opposite sides of the head, emphasizing contrast. Wear them parted in the center to play up the placement, or simply sweep hair to one side for a softer, blended look. Learn more about this emerging trend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Bows are sexy, coquettish, the most alluring of accessories, as long as you wear them the right way, with a heavy dose of sixties influence. Take your inspiration from sex kitten Brigitte Bardot. Add some volume, make that lots of volume. Rough up your texture, think bedhead. Make sure your bow is big. Add a pink lip or a smokey eye. Break some hearts. Learn how in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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