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Gigi Hadid has become one of the world’s most iconic women, tapped whenever someone needs to sell a bikini, bra, or lipstick. She was even named model of the year. She is gorgeous, and blends sexy with just the right amount of insouciance. Naturally, at Style Noted Towers we are obsessed with her always perfect, golden blonde, California girl strands. This color immediately gives you memories of the steamy days of summer but it is surprisingly great for feeling all warmed up in the dead of winter too. Click the notes for how to get this perfectly blended golden hue in the cold season.

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Burnished hues reflect lots of light, giving strands a luxurious luster. Golden blondes come in a wide array that ranges from white-gold to rose-gold. If you’d like your blonde to be shiner, brighter, and more polished, look no further. Click the notes to learn more about incorporating a golden hue into your look. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Chamomile tea is an ancient, gentle way to gently lighten strands. The delicate flowers leave subtle golden tones in the hair and the slight astringency amplifies the natural lightening caused by the sun. This lovely and subtly dimensional shade gives the same softly gold, gently brightened effect. It’s a touch of summer just when we need it most. Click the notes for the professional formula and tips on application. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →



No hair color says all-American girl like a classic golden blonde, especially when paired  with a youthful or golden complexion and big blue eyes. But since so few people have naturally light hair –– at least by the time they reach maturity –– and lightening the hair is a challenging and commitment-full service, going golden blonde requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it glowing. Get the five golden rules for maintaining golden blondes in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →


What a pretty golden hue! Sent to us by Martin Rodriguez, stylist at Ooh la la salon & spa in Orange County, we love how the blonde transitions from a little bit dirty at the roots to a sunlit golden tone on the ends. The styling is great too. With all that length, the center-part creates a slinky seventies vibe while the ’S’ shaped swirls are perfectly placed to draw attention to the model’s lovely lips and evocative eyes. If you fancy a similar ‘do, Martin’s color formula can be found in the notes.

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