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rose gold

Few fashion shades stay in vogue after more than a few seasons, but rose gold has proven traction; it’s not going anywhere. In the summer this pinky, peachy, blonde paired beautifully with tan skin and boho beach wear, but it works just as well with dark wool suits and faded complexions. For the fall, I’m loving a slightly deeper version of the shade reminiscent of a glass of sherry. Click the style notes for a fresh new formulation and tips on wearing this fashionable hue.

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pickled ginger

This bright blend of coral hues recalls the tangy, sweet and spicy flavor of pickled ginger. It’s a little bit pink, a little bit red, a little bit copper and a whole lot of fun. the blend of shades allows the look to fade gracefully so it will look great from the day you get it through weeks of washing, sweating and sun exposure. Get the formulas for this beautiful blend in the style notes. –– Laura Martin 

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light at dawn

Early morning light has a soft, peachy quality that makes the world seem to glow with warmth. You can create the same effect by adding a touch of peach to a transparent glaze; applied over light colors the formula will let the underlying shade shine through while creating a soft, rosy glow. Click the style notes for the formula and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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