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carey mulligan

Carey Mulligan’s glossy brown dusted with golden caramel tips isn’t just pretty, it’s decadent. The hues are reminiscent of an artisanal chocolate treat. The warmth of the colors gives them a bit of softness so they accentuate Mulligan’s pale skin without washing her out. The color also matches the tones of her eyes, creating a soft, monochrome effect. Get the formula for this delicious shade in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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luscious fig

The fig has a dense meaty texture and robust flavor that are captured perfectly in its appearance. Dark skin, creamy meat and deep red juicy pulp give the fruit a fleshy, exotic beauty. A dark violet-brown hair color accented with tendrils of rosy platinum, this color shares its inspiration’s unconventional appeal. Complex-looking, but surprisingly easy to achieve this style is a perfect for the girl who has an unconventional, but understated aesthetic. Get application tips and the professional formulas in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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According to color theory red and green are opposites, but in the natural world copper and jade often mingle. We see chartreuse grass sprouting from red clay, nasturtium blossoms topping mint green stalks, and the lovely verdigris tarnish on aged copper. When translated to hair the combination of warm red brown and vibrant green is bold and beautiful. Click the notes for suggested formulas and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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Toffee is like caramel’s sophisticated cousin: sweet but also smoky, buttery, and crunchy. This toffee hue has a caramel base, but it’s twined with buttery highlights and smokey lowlights for a rich dimensional gold. The shade is especially striking when paired with blue eyes. Read on for the professional formulation. –– Laura Martin

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The tawny hue of the acorn is the perfect inspiration for rich yet soft brown. This brunette shade is light enough to flatter natural blondes but deep enough to pair with the earthy hues dominating autumn’s palette. It’s soft gold undertones are especially flattering to blue eye and green eyes. Get the profession formulation in the style notes. –– Laura Martin