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This rich, lush red shot through with rust and blue-tinged sanguine has the look of vital fluid. It’s this season’s answer to vibrant red, a shade both vivid and restrained. The earthy undertones make it a flattering choice for a surprising variety of skin tones and give it a chameleon-like quality. The shade will appear brighter against neutrals, softer on brights, and can feel warm or cool depending on your daily outfits. Click the style notes for the professional formulation. –– Laura Martin

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surreal red

You know that red that reminds you of Ariel from the little mermaid? It’s super bright, neither coppery or violet, just pure vibrant cherry. It’s so vivid it appears to generate its own light. It’s a dream color, a fantasy shade. Well, now you can get it for real. Click the notes for the professional formula.

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Berries are great on their own but when combined they take on added complexity and depth of flavor that makes a mixed berry tart, scone, or cobbler something more than a single berry variety. This color operates on the same principle, combining multiple cool red hues to create a new, complex hue. The colors are similar so the end result isn’t about being able to pick out individual tones; it’s about what happens when these colors combine into something new, sweet, and juicy. Get the formulas for this lovely blend, and tips on applying them, in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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