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Bleached and distressed denim originated in the punk movement, but by the nineties, everyone seemed to have stone-washed jeans. The look is created by literally washing heavy material with pumice or other stones to soften the fabric and fade the hue. The method creates a mottled effect that is mostly very pale but with small bits of deeper color along the seams and flecked through the near-white fabric. Translating this look to hair gives an icy blonde base with dishwater roots and a fine smatter of lowlights. Get the formulas and application tips in the style notes. –Laura Martin 

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oak buff

Pantone describes this pale gold hue as “mellow, comforting and warming.” It’s reminiscent of soft leather, freshly chopped wood, and harvest-moon light. A cozy, rich shade of blonde that’s perfect for autumn. A dust of highlights provide an extra boost of brightness around the face while a slightly darker root gives the look a lived-in quality. Get the formula and tips on application in the notes. –Laura Martin

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