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Short bobs are predicted to be one of the biggest trends of 2016 so why not stay ahead of trend and chop your strands before everyone else does? Swing bobs are fun, feminine, and work well on most hair textures. Get one now and you’ll be seen as a trendsetter. Use the images above for inspiration and click the notes below for tips on customizing the look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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You woke up excited. Today you’re going to get your hair cut! A fabulous new look. The feeling of rejuvenation. Wonderful! You put on a frock and you stroll into the salon. Beautiful people swarm all round you. They take your coat and they get you a coffee and they escort you to your seat. Your hairdresser swashbuckles to your side. The spine is tingling now. And then. . . . “Hmmm, well, we could put some graduation in, but only if you want it tapered to the nape. This one length line isn’t working for you and if I take the weight out I can give you more swing. Otherwise, we can texturize the top and layer the sides.” The excitement dissipates and, suddenly, you’re afraid. Of what might happen. Of what’s getting cut off. Of what on earth they are talking about! Click the notes to find out what fancy hairdresser terminology really means.

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The best short haircuts achieve a balance between tailored and soft. If things get too fringy, short cuts can feel fussy; if they are too neat they can feel masculine. These cuts are tight and clean at the sides and back but soft and piecey on top and through the fringe. The thick, textured bangs draw attention to the eyes and give the otherwise serious cut a flirty feeling. Click the style notes for steps to achieving the shape. –– Laura Martin

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