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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Style Noters! Ever wondered why we associate St. Patrick’s Day with the color green? There are quite a few reasons, actually!

First and foremost, Ireland’s nickname is “The Emerald Isle.” The green in the flag and in the clover St. Patrick used in his teachings about Catholicism also played a big role as to why people wear green on this day. Some people still follow this tradition in Ireland. Catholics wear green and Protestants wear orange, representing the two colors in the flag while the white in the middle represents the peace between the two.

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According to color theory red and green are opposites, but in the natural world copper and jade often mingle. We see chartreuse grass sprouting from red clay, nasturtium blossoms topping mint green stalks, and the lovely verdigris tarnish on aged copper. When translated to hair the combination of warm red brown and vibrant green is bold and beautiful. Click the notes for suggested formulas and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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Are you inspired by the “mermaid hair” trend? This look normally involved shades of blue, purple, and green intertwined in color melts throughout your hair to give an ethereal mermaid of the sea feeling. The truth is that this isn’t practical for most people’s everyday life. Not many people are in job that would be okay with their employees walking around with this fantasy-inspired hair. So how can you adopt the look so it works for the more average life? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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