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Growing out bangs can be a challenge, one that many people resolve with an arsenal of bobby pins and headbands. Accessories are a great help for the occasional bad hair day, but it is possible to grow out a fringe without wearing it pinned back for six months. The key is to embrace some interim steps, reshaping your bangs instead of just letting them go wild. Following these steps will gradually blend your bang into the rest of your hair so you’ll feel like you have a real style every step of the way. Click the notes for three simple steps to bang grow-out success. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


Most articles about growing out bangs go something like this: buy lots of bobby pins, wear lots of updos, good luck. As a stylist I will tell you that this is just silly. People wear bangs at all lengths from mid-forehead to chin. Growing out gracefully is about transitioning from one shape to the next, adding texture, and blending your fringe into the rest of your cut. Learn more in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Every girl should try out a fringe at least once in her life. There are so many cool options and styles it’s impossible to not find one you’d love. We do know, however, that some are put off by trying out a fringe because it’s a painful growing out process, once you decide you no longer want it. It can often seem like a long transition, but with the help of your stylist and a few tips and tricks you don’t have to be afraid of the growing out phase. So no need to be frightened, click through to stylenotes to learn how to mask a fringe that’s growing out. –– Michelle Rotbart

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The bobby pin is the humblest of accessories: small, plain, and inexpensive. For years we’ve used them covertly to control our strands, but these days bobby pins are coming out of hiding. Whether you’re controlling flyaways, creating an updo, or pinning back bangs the latest trend is to wear your pins on the outside of the hair, decorating your strands with their simple, elegant lines. Click the style notes for instructions on five ways to wear this stylish look. –– Laura Martin

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