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Over the last year and a half I’ve grown my hair from an undercut pixie to a collar-bone-length shag (no that’s not me in the picture; it’s blogger Nadia Esra is my go-to for long hair inspiration) and you know what? I’ve loved it every step of the way. I mean sure, I’ve had bad hair days like everyone else, but no weeks or months of awkward in betweens. As a hairdresser, I can’t have bad hair. You may have noticed this with your own stylist, that when they grow out their length, layers, or bangs, they don’t seem to go through any awkwardness. Learn pro tips for growing-out gracefully in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


With the exception of a single year I’ve had short hair since I was 15. I’ve always thought that short hair made me look more fashionable and confident, but now that I’m in my mid thirties it has a different vibe. Women around my age often cut off their hair because they don’t want to mess with styling it anymore. Suddenly my short hair feels frumpy to me instead of trendy. I’m single, in good shape, and I want to feel pretty, and youthful. So I’m growing my hair out, not to my derriere, but past my shoulders, because I’m ready for a change and because at this point long hair feels more like rebellion than my short cut did. I simply refuse to see myself as too old for long hair. Click the notes to learn more about pulling off long hair after 30. –– Laura Martin

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just below the shoulder

Long hair is about to make a comeback, but that doesn’t mean you have to start shopping for extensions. The hottest looks for the coming season won’t be waist-length tresses. What’s trending next are clean, one-length lines just long enough to qualify as long hair. Little to no layering, length that falls between clavicle and axilla, these cuts are the perfect transition out of that bob you’re getting bored with. Best of all the moderate length means that if you start growing now you can be wearing this look by Christmas. Learn more about growing into this shape in the style notes. –Laura Martin 

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At one point or another we’ve all damaged our hair, and were left with something best explained as a disaster. Whether it was strong bleach, a hot tool cranked up to be hotter than the sun, or a habit of washing and blow-drying every day, this is your guide to quick and easy hair recovery for whenever or wherever it happens to you. –– Kelly Rowe 

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