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Hair painting has become the new it way to have highlights put into hair. Both foiling and hair painting can produce gorgeous effects and both can significantly change your natural color. The real question is do you know the difference between the two. Click the notes to get the details.

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The new year is here, bringing fresh ideas and inspirations like this bright, cheerful red. Fiesta is one of Pantone’s trend shades for spring 2016. The company calls it “strong and fiery” and says it provides a “stark contrast to the calming, softer nature of the this season’s palette.” I love the hue on the prohibition-style bob pictured above, another forecasted trend for the upcoming season. Click the style notes to get the formula for this exciting new hue. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

edgingColor placements come and go the same way skirt lengths do, without a care for what is flattering for individual people. The color fads of late—ombre, baby lights, gray and violet—are wonderful for medium to thick hair, but none of them work very well for fine and thin strands which do not react well to lightening and do not need diffused edges. What fine hair needs is structure, and this placement, which emphasizes the edges, adds strength and solidity to wispy hair. It’s the perfect color for anyone who wants more substantial hair, a crisper look. Learn more in the notes. –– Laura Martin

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metallic mauve

This futuristic shade combines silver and pink hues to create a metallic pastel that’s sure to get noticed. This muted hue is achieved with a diluted permanent color which provides a long lasting result that has the transparency of a demi or semi. Are you ready to take your strands into the future? Click the style notes for the formulation. –– Laura Martin

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Are you inspired by the “mermaid hair” trend? This look normally involved shades of blue, purple, and green intertwined in color melts throughout your hair to give an ethereal mermaid of the sea feeling. The truth is that this isn’t practical for most people’s everyday life. Not many people are in job that would be okay with their employees walking around with this fantasy-inspired hair. So how can you adopt the look so it works for the more average life? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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