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Young woman eating apple in kitchen


There a lot of things just in your kitchen that can that can benefit your hair. I’m sure you have already tried some oil or maybe combined a few things together to create homemade masks, but you have a whole kitchen full of fun ingredients to us. Click the notes to the 12 you can start using right now. –– Kelly Rowe

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cold shower

In this weather cold showers are not ideal, but they can benefit your hair way more than a hot shower. So if you want more shine, less frizz and an overall healthier look to your hair, don’t need to go overboard with product, go for a cold shower instead. Simply switch the temperature of the water you’re showering with. To learn about more hair beauty benefits of turning down the dial in your shower, click through to the notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

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beauty hair hacks

At least twice a week, New York Fashion Week brings the best beauty experts from around the globe to New York City. And this season, I got to sneak backstage to ask some of the pros some very important hair questions. Luckily for all of us, many of our everyday beauty woes have some very simple solutions. So if you’re in need of some volume or want some no-heat waves while you sleep, click through to style notes for tips, tricks, and hacks on real girl beauty. –Michelle Rotbart 

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