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Young woman eating apple in kitchen


There a lot of things just in your kitchen that can that can benefit your hair. I’m sure you have already tried some oil or maybe combined a few things together to create homemade masks, but you have a whole kitchen full of fun ingredients to us. Click the notes to the 12 you can start using right now. –– Kelly Rowe

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brunette woman is not happy with her fragile hair

Summer can be harsh on your hair; the constant sun, salt water, chlorine are all factors that can lead to damage. Believe it or not, it’s nothing compared to winter. The low humidity conditions makes the hair fragile and prone to breakage. So, when you heat style in winter, you are virtually guaranteeing damage. Learning how to make hair look better when air-drying will help you break away from constant heat styling, and it will also prepare you for frizz free summer tresses. Click the notes for more. —Kelly Rowe

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Photo of an attractive sexy woman with beautiful long brown hair

Great hair is something we all yearn for. Sometimes all you need a is a little tweaking to your everyday hair care or styling to get the perfect strands you have been dying for. Taking baby steps can easily get you on the road to hair happiness. Click the notes for 10 tips to great hair. –Kelly Rowe 

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