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It’s cold outside, you’re still broke from the holidays, and you’re feeling like treating yourself. It’s the perfect time for a home hair treatment, but maybe you’re hesitating; maybe you’ve had a bad experience; maybe a previous home treatment actually made your hair worse; maybe it left your hair limp, your roots oily, or your hair ends brittle. The truth is a hair masque can turn out pretty terrible if you don’t know what your doing. But trust me, with a few simple tips you’ll be looking shampoo-commercial fabulous. Click the notes and learn to get salon-level deep conditioning at home. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →



No hair color says all-American girl like a classic golden blonde, especially when paired  with a youthful or golden complexion and big blue eyes. But since so few people have naturally light hair –– at least by the time they reach maturity –– and lightening the hair is a challenging and commitment-full service, going golden blonde requires upkeep and maintenance to keep it glowing. Get the five golden rules for maintaining golden blondes in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

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Hair masks are something I would typically recommend leaving to the weekends. The preparation for the mask, the set time, and the heaviness your hair may get afterwards is normally not ideal for weekdays. However, if your week has started off rough and you need a bit of relaxation, try this quick at home mask to reenergize you for the rest of the week. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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I’m a gym rat. I do not go to the gym to flounce about, do a few pushups, and preen myself at the bar. I go for a serious work out. When I leave, a little dry shampoo is never going to make me look all fresh and clean again. So what are fitness chicks supposed to do? The constant showering can leave locks dry and dull. Click the notes for how to maintain hair health while putting in hours at the gym. –Kelly Rowe

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