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There are plenty of helpful articles on getting perfectly rumpled bedhead if you have long hair (check out my co-blogger Michelle’s recommendations here but if you have short hair there’s less guidance and more chance of disaster. The weight of long hair helps prevent wild cowlicks and flicks, but on short styles bedhead often equals looking like you stuck your finger in a light socket. Worst of all, when above-the-shoulder cuts get smashed between head and pillow they tend to form a stubborn flip. But don’t worry, with a few smart tips you can sleep your way to temptingly tousled locks. Click the notes to learn the secrets. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →



Years ago Marsha Brady taught us that beautiful hair required a nightly hair routine consisting of a beautiful vanity, silver brush and  “100 brush stokes per night.” But today, this ritual is a bit dated. We have dozens of dryers, wands, wave mists, hair oils, and dry shampoos to pick and choose from, so much so that it can make you a bit dizzy. Narrowing down to the essentials can feel like it’s an advanced course in geometric sequences. So what’s a girl to do? Edit, edit, edit! With so many great multi-benefit products available today, there are stylers and tools available for every woman, regardless of hair type. What are the beauty essentials on my vanity? Click through to style notes to find out. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →


You’ve probably heard about the oil slick trend —which actually refers to a color technique—but oil-based shine products are just as hot right now. Oil-based glow is softer than the shimmer given off by silicon based products. But, most importantly, using oil-based shine actually moisturizes and protects your hair; the effect isn’t just cosmetic. Learn more about getting shine from oil-based products in the style notes. –Laura Martin 

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