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It’s commonplace these days for women to want a sculpted physique. Instead of just looking thin, many women want to look strong and sculpted. But although it’s stylish, even sexy, for women to have muscles, the other accoutrements of an athletic lifestyle have, until recently, received less acceptance. But in the last few years, athleticism has finally begun to penetrate the world of fashion. Minimal makeup, sporty clothing, and undone hairstyles are bringing a natural, less fussy twist to current styles. The looks shown above are just a few of the ways you can add a touch of sportiness. Click the style notes to learn more about this trend. –– Laura Martin

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The 1956 the movie, And God Created Women! established Brigitte Bardot’s big, bouffant hair as the sexiest style around (being worn by a French Goddess didn’t hurt either). Nowadays, with TV shows like Mad Men reminiscing about the timeless elegance, beauty and grace of that time, the bouffant still has the power to make you an icon. Though it looks like a helluva lot to do, it’s probably easier than what you think, requiring just a backcombed center-part to build vivacious volume at the crown, with soft, romantic tousle perfectly fine for the rest of the style. For our tips on shaping your own bouffant, click style notes. Click for StyleNotes →