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Hairspray isn’t new and sexy like dry conditioner or curl enhancing oils but it does have some uses you may not be aware of. If you’re a child of the eighties like I am you probably associate hairspray with creating helmet-like, gravity-defying styles, but hair spray isn’t just for strong hold. In fact, hairspray can create separation, flexibility, and shine all at once. It’s one of the most versatile products out there, if you know how to use it. Get my pro tips in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

Have you ever experienced great results from a styling product when your stylist applied it but had less than stellar results on your own? You may have perfected your product arsenal, but even if you have the perfect menagerie of styling aides you may struggle to achieve consistent results. When it comes to styling products, the amount you use, the order in which you layer, and the part of the strand you focus on can all have a big impact on the end result. Learn more about how to use your favorite products in the notes. –– Laura Martin


Bangs are trending. Kate Middleton is wearing them, and they were all over the catwalks at New York Fashion Week. The fringe of the moment is long, thick and piecey. It’s that sexy eyelash-dusting length that makes it virtually impossible not to (sultrily) sweep them off your face a hundred times a day, which means these bangs — aside from getting you lots of attention — are bound to get oily from your forehead and your fingertips. What’s a girl to do? Click the notes to find out. –– Laura Martin

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It’s the middle of winter and you’re craving the beach- Solution: beach waves! Nothing beats actually being at the beach, but this ‘do can help you push through the next few winter months until you’re able to bask in the beach again! This year around look gives the perfect effortlessly cool vibe to any outfit. Weither you jazz it up with a hair accessory or let you locks flow on their own, there’s no doubt this hair style can be your everyday look. Click through to follow the steps to perfecting the beach waves!

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