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You probably know that some haircuts flatter your face while others don’t pair well with your specific features, but what’s less obvious is why a certain cut works. The shape of your hair, like the shape of your clothing, creates a visual illusion. Your cut adds width or elongates, sharpens or softens. It can also draw attention to—or minimize—specific features, like your cheekbones. Click the notes to find out how your hair can give your bone structure a boost. –– Laura Martin 

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Sexy may not be the first word that comes to mind when someone mentions a mullet, but the truth is, a mullet can be pretty freaking hot. It’s the best of both short and long cuts: it feels gamine, but is still luxurious. It’s edgy, fashion forward, and gutsy. Of course there are plenty of mullets that are awkward or downright ugly, but get this look right and it can be super appealing. Learn the secrets of the sexy mullet in the style notes. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Almost every woman I know thinks she has a round face. Most of them don’t, but the concern over looking round means that most of us gravitate toward styles than slim. In fact, a majority of popular fashion and beauty trends—the little black dress, contoured makeup, nude footwear—cater to this desire. Hairstyles with long lines and lean proportions provide a flattering, lean silhouette that you can pair with any ensemble. Click the notes for tips on creating simple, slimming shapes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Did you get up for work today by telling yourself you don’t have to get up tomorrow? Got your earphones in and your desk jams on? Are you texting friends about the latest Open Bar invitation? It’s official, you’ve got the Friday Feeling. Imagine a hairdo that made you feel like that! Click through for five styles sure to brighten any mood.  Click for StyleNotes →