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In case you haven’t noticed, half-up topknots have been practically everywhere the last few months, on the heads of models and all over Instagram. And there are plenty of reasons to embrace this look, it’s perfect for days your hair is too messy or even too dirty too wear down, but you don’t really want to hide all of it. And depending on your style, you can either wear it casual or dressed up. Personally I love it when the look has a little more attitude, which is why I love adding the French braid detail to it. And you don’t even need much time to execute it. Click through to the notes to learn how to emulate this style. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

Next time you’re debating whether to wear hair up or down, take inspiration from this romantic, cascading shape to do both. The half-up editorial style has enough texture to stand up to a thick sweater and keeps hair out of your face while studying for exams or cuddling up with your favorite novel. Covering the ears and dusting the back, this look has scarf-like, draping, fleecy allure. Look intellectual and fashion-forward by following the simple steps below….

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Waterfall braids are trendy and fun. Tumbling diagonally across a side profile, they look elegant, graceful. Plus, it’s a great place to start a braiding education –– they are easy to make. Stephanie, the blogger behind “Steph’s Hair and Makeup,” recently shared her classic and cool interpretation of the style. We are smitten. The combination of a sweeping braid into a messy bun has accessibility and visual appeal. Anyone can learn this technique with Stephanie’s awesome video tutorial. Go for it!