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The best addition to your clown costume, whether you are a cute clown or a super scary one, is to have ginormous fluffy hair. You can get this look by simply wearing a wig but that can get hot, and if you are at a packed Halloween party or a busy bar the last thing you need to be is to have your makeup melt off of your face. Click the notes for how to get the perfect hair to compliment this costume. –– Kelly Rowe

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There’s a lot to consider when selecting the perfect halloween costume, for inspiration, but it’s hard to argue against Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. She got everything: looks, personality, impressive powers, and great hair. Her voluminous side braid is essential to her look. Pair it with a pale blue gown for an easy, cool costume. Click the style notes for step-by-step instruction to creating her ‘do. –– Laura Martin

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Growing up I used to love to watch the show I Dream of Jeannie on Nick at Nite. Jeannie’s antics as she vied for the attention of Tony were always laughable and I watched every week to see what crazy situation would happen next. More so than the comedy, I loved Jeanie’s signature red and pink outfit and her bouncy ponytail. This year for Halloween, I decided to indulge my childhood fantasies and dress as her. Sourcing the crop top and harem pants was easy and I even found this awesome I Dream of Jeannie inspired hair tutorial demonstrated by Dulce Candy Ruiz, a California based blogger. Dulce’s video made it easy for me to recreate the look and I had a lot of fun pretending I was Barbara Eden. Due to my dark locks, I ended up looking like Jeannie’s evil twin sister Jeannie ||, which I happily didn’t protest. Now I just have to master that fold of the arms, nod of the head and double blink routine. To learn to recreate Jeannie’s signature pony, click here–– Michelle Rotbart