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Whenever I catch a glimpse of a sun hat I automatically think of a famed photo of Rita Hayworth working a printed bikini, hat twice as big as her head and peep-toe heels. If only we always looked so put together by the pool. Today’s designers and it girls must also have this photo in mind, since I’ve continuously spotted fabulous easy, breezy sunhats in store and on the street. And with the dog days of summer still with us for at least another month, why not reach for a sun hat? Not only is it incredibly fashionable, it’s a great way to protect your hair and skin from the harsh rays of the sun and the season’s scorching temperatures. If you need help figuring out how to wear one, simple click through the notes to see plenty of inspiration on how to don this woven straw topper. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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The Kentucky Derby is as famous for its hats as it is for its horses. There’s a tradition of show-stopping toppers, and plenty of magazines have spreads of the biggest and boldest—my favorite collection of completely outrageous hats is this slideshow on bustle—but the really interesting thing about this year’s derby hats is that some of them were actually wearable! Click the notes to see derby hats that you could wear in real life: to a summer wedding, to brunch, or to keep it glam at the beach. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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This spring, the beret is making a comeback. It’s not hard to see why—francophile style is all the rage—but it is a little hard to see how. Berets have become such a stereotypical indicator of French-ness that we now associate them with Pepe Le Pew. Berets are also associated with beatniks, jazz musicians, and Che Guevara. Thats a lot of connections and they can make this particular topper feel a little costume-y. How do you make this historic accessory feel contemporary? Click the notes to find out. ––  Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Hat hair is something that happens to all of us. Whether you’re a hot it-girl or a plain Jane—none of us can escape it. It’s best to be prepared in advance, because life is not a television show, your hair won’t just magically shake free into smooth and polished waves. And since the day is just too short to worry about such a nuisance, be sure to read the tips and tricks provided in the notes before you stick your topper on. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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I’ve yet to come across a hat I didn’t at least want to try on, but I know some of you are still hesitant about donning a kooky bowler or any other peculiar headgear. But while it’s still winter I urge you to think beyond just beanies and caps and try a beret. Yes a beret, that chapeau that chic French girls wear. Don’t worry, baguette and accent not required. After some recent appearance on the runways of Isabel Marant and Gucci, the beret is in full swing on the streets of Europe and New York City. Best yet, a beret will keep you warm and add a certain je ne sais quoi to any model off-duty outfit. Need some more inspiration on how to wear this trending accessory? Click through to style notes to see how the girls on the street are pulling it off. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →