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This is a chunkier, thicker version of the trendy braided headband. Disheveled, whimsical, the style exudes a fun and youthful vibe for girls about town. Braids are great for summer as they keep hair off the face, but forgo the formality of traditional updos. What makes this example special is the the windblown, rumpled feel created by the looseness and breadth of the braid. For similar beatnik elegance, pull out random pieces till you get a pleasingly carefree aesthetic. Click for StyleNotes →


Image: Steven Klein for W Magazine

Captured by high fashion photographer Steven Klein for W’s March cover story, Selena Gomez, wittingly or not, provides a perfect update to the beachy wave look. Rather than the big tumbling ‘C’ shaped swirls that ushered in this trend a few years ago, here we see a wet and wild, snaking wave.  With the subtle headband adding height to the crown, there’s a rakish 70s vibe going on. If you love looking a bit of a louche, steal this style in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

knit headband


A cozy, knitted headband is probably one of my favorite accessories because it’s versatile, looks cute, and keeps my ears and head warm without sacrificing my hairstyle. It’s not a difficult accessory to wear; usually you can just whack it on! If you’re going out late tonight, it will be great for keeping you toasty, but you should be a little more thoughtful with your look. I’ve pulled together a few tips and tricks on how to rock this great piece tonight, and all winter long. Click through to the notes for details. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


Braids are so easy to create that it’s easy to forget how chic they can be. Sure they’re great for beach days and festivals, but they also hold their own on the red carpet and in the office. This tightly cinched braided headband paired with glossy waves nods at earthiness, but the sleek finish elevates it. Even the feathers feel understated, placed in face framing cluster that mimics a bang. It’s a look that’s stunning but professional Learn to create it in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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