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Image: Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue

Amy Adams steals the show in the latest Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, due for national release next week. Her glamorous gown and elegant pose are framed by a vintage Hollywood wave, the signature look of the leading ladies of the 40s and 50s. With one side of the hairstyle tucked behind the ear, the ‘do creates beatifying face-face-framing asymmetry. Yet the real magic is the ‘C’-shaped waves falling romantically off the shoulder. It encourages the eyes to look all around the face frame, taking in cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes. A little softer and less severe than the original interpretations of this style, Amy’s take puts the best of old world allure with modern beauty trends. Learn how to recreate it below.  Click for StyleNotes →



Mega Sexy Volume. It’s something we’re all after. It’s practically a trademark to every beauty on the front cover of magazines and Hollywood starlets. The crucial nuances behind this look that every woman wants and every man wants to touch is softness, shine, body and most importantly a tousled quality that is just a little lived-in and a lot of sexy. Lucky for you and I, you don’t even need to head to the salon to create the volume and body we all want. Simply click through the notes and follow the steps. Your hair will be the envy of all your friends. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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The recent New York Times article about “mom hair” received outraged responses from Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, and dozens of blogs. The view it presents is pretty narrow-minded about short hair, but it got me thinking about “mom hair” and how that term might be changing now that bobs and lobs are cool again. “Mom hair” as defined by the NYT is a “longer-in-back, slightly-shorter-in-front bob” without acknowledging that half of Hollywood is currently wearing that exact style. In fact, bob-length cuts with face framing layers are so trendy that I can’t help but wonder if it will soon by the moms with long shapeless strands who will be accused of “mom hair.” Click the notes to see examples of what the Times considers “mom hair” and let us know what you think of this look! –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →


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I love a great pony. It’s a classic do and can be princess or punk. The best thing about ponytails is that there are so many variations, which means you can always make the style look like new. I’m also always amazed at how women can make something, apparently so simple, look so fabulous. If you’re in a bind for a last minute style or just want to try out something that makes you feel a bit more special, click through to the notes to see some of my favorite celebrities who make the pony anything but basic. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz

A style made famous by the film stars of the forties, glamorous waves combined with a stylistic part is a classic style that remains a sexy and sophisticated red carpet look. The face-framing asymmetry and the cascading waves and curls will never go out of fashion because it is a naturally beautifying style. In days gone by this look would have been created with a roller set; nowadays, though, instead of having to set hair over several hours, or even overnight, you can use hot-tools to make this look as quick as a flash. Learn the steps in the style notes… Click for StyleNotes →