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Chances are, your hair was different when you were younger. Maybe it used to be lighter, or thicker or curlier. You may even have a story about a bad haircut, a perm, or a stressful event that changed your strands. But the real reason for your hair’s metamorphosis is usual chemical. Changes in the levels of testosterone, estrogen, insulin and other hormones effect the size of your follicles, rate of growth, and even the texture of your strands. Natural shifts in hormone levels occur at puberty, during pregnancy, and around menopause. Each of these changes can lead to changes in your strands. Learn more in the style notes. –Laura Martin 

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Three years ago, for a period of six months, I cut meat and dairy out of my diet completely and it changed my hair texture in a major way. My once curly / wavy tendrils became limp and lost all of their bounce. For a while I didn’t understand why my hair texture changed so much, and after much discussion with my dermatologist I decided being a vegan was not for me….and almost a year later my natural texture returned. Sometimes, hair texture changes are just out of your control, yet some aren’t. Your hair can change from straight to wavy, or like mine, the other way around and then back again. It’s important to know what’s due to biology and what’s self induced. Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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