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Shared with us by Peggie Huang, stylist at ARROJO Studio SoHo, we love both the artistry of this chunky plait on the bias, and the way the tail of the braid has been fanned out into wonderfully nonchalant wisps. Peggie was also kind enough to share her steps to creating this eye-catching look. Great for a night out, a weekend brunch, or even just keeping hair off of the neck in this Indian Summer, learn how to create it in the notes.

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Everyone says spring is the season of renewal but, beyond the natural world, I really think it’s actually autumn. There’s plenty of change in the air and it’s a great time to learn a new beauty skill. You know I’ve never met a braid I didn’t like, but I’ve especially always loved the fishtail braid. It looks intricate and intimidating but its’ actually an easy plait to master. All you need is second day hair, your hands, a little bit of product, and a hair tie. Get braiding ladies, I’m predicting this will be the it accessory to match your fall fashions. Click through to the notes to get started. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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You know I love a messy side braid just as much as I love tousled waves, so I thought, why not combine the two? But you also know that it takes the right combination of technique and messiness to actually create a perfectly imperfect do. Sure it may look like the cool girl at brunch just effortlessly crafted her hair into that style, but you know better. Even mussy styles take work! You need the right product, technique, practice, and even some luck to create effortless imperfection. But I know you can achieve it! Click through to the notes to learn how to wear your new favorite Sunday brunch style. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


Many of you know, I haven’t met a braid I didn’t love. And with summer practically here, I’m already looking for new options on how to wear my bob as it grows out. I really love all of the big voluminous braids that have been trending the last few seasons and am always trying to figure out how to wear one even with my shorter strands. So when I learned about this great pull through half ponytail I was super excited. Max style for minimal effort. This is an amazing look for someone who doesn’t love braiding but still wants to look cool, and only takes a few minutes to complete. Click through to the notes, to learn how to emulate this look. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


If you are a follower of beauty trends, no doubt you’ve worn a braid. In fact, you’ve probably worn them in a variety of shapes and sizes. But have you tried the heart-shaped braid? Beatnik, bohemian, artistic, playful and fun, this twine is a great way to keep hair off the face and wear a wonder-inspiring style. This breakdown of the heart shaped braid is a Style Noted favorite, and a classic way to add an inspiring look to your arsenal.  Click for StyleNotes →