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hair texture

Three years ago, for a period of six months, I cut meat and dairy out of my diet completely and it changed my hair texture in a major way. My once curly / wavy tendrils became limp and lost all of their bounce. For a while I didn’t understand why my hair texture changed so much, and after much discussion with my dermatologist I decided being a vegan was not for me….and almost a year later my natural texture returned. Sometimes, hair texture changes are just out of your control, yet some aren’t. Your hair can change from straight to wavy, or like mine, the other way around and then back again. It’s important to know what’s due to biology and what’s self induced. Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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food and hair

Let’s be honest, we all want great hair. When it’s working in our favor, it gives us star-level confidence. Sadly though, when it’s doesn’t it makes us not want to leave our beds. For all the attributes that we lust for—volume, shine, thickness and frizz free strands we strictly adhere to a regimen of proper cleansing, condition and styling, but let’s not forget that our nutrition can also make a big difference. Our hair is directly affected by what we eat. Think you’re getting all the right vitamins and nutrients for great hair? Click through to style notes to learn six essentials that should be on your plate. –– Michelle Rotbart

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