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J. Law has had a number of enviable blonde shades, but the icy beige she flaunted at the Oscars may be her best yet. It’s the sort of hue that most blondes long for –– crystalline sparkle, a cool but not ashy hue, and platinum brightness. To get a shade this lustrous and shiny, lighten hair with a highlift blonde instead of powdered lightener. A slightly darker root formula provides depth without demarcation. Click the notes for my copycat formulas and tips on application. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →



Quoted in the February issue of Glamour Magazine, Jennifer Lawrence describes her personal style as the “power lesbian look.” They are not the words that come to mind at Style Noted Towers, but who are we to argue with The Law? Perhaps attempting to emphasize her point, the luscious leading lady turned out for her associated Glamour Mag photo-shoot wearing this sleek tough girl hairstyle, bellicose stance, and pout. We can’t promise you’ll look as butch as Jennifer, but you can steal the hairstyle in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →



What makes J-Law sexy is that she doesn’t give a damn. Here she is at the LA premiere  of the final and most anticipated installment of her money-spinning franchise, so one might think she’d put her hair up, or at least blow it out and make it shiny. But The Law’s having none of it. Instead, she wears a gritty air-dried natural texture bob that sings the insouciant song of the easygoing siren. Want to recreate this look for weekend shopping and brunch dates? Learn how in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →