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fall bangs

With September about to swing back round, most of us will be planning a new look for fall –– something a little more polished and sophisticated than our laid-back summer styles. A great, easy way to change it up is with bangs. Bangs don’t have many takers in the summer, when it’s too hot and sticky to enjoy hair on your forehead, but fashionable fall is the perfect time for a fringe. To help you choose, the collage above shows some of our favorite bang placements; find an exposition on these looks in the notes.

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jessica chastain

Usually styled into soft, undulating, brushed-out waves, Jessica Chastain’s gorgeous, natural red locks are part of her signature. But she showed up at Givenchy’s Fall ’13 Fashion Show in Paris with a starker and stronger look. Typically, we’re not huge fans of making hair stick straight –– texture has too much personality to be put into too many unyielding positions –– yet this sleek look brings new emphasis to Jessica’s structured cheekbones. Most marvelous of all, the linear lines show off the gorgeous sparkle and shine of her copper-toned hue. If you have long hair and would like to achieve striking straightness, click style notes for styling tips.  Click for StyleNotes →

We’ve always adored Jessica Chastain’s fiery long locks, but recently she’s been sporting a shorter ‘do while working on a new film. The jury’s still out on whether or not she’s wearing a wig, but either way, we’re definitely liking her asymmetric crop. The choice to go from long to short is always a difficult one, but Jessica is certainly pulling off this boyish cut.

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It is quite the time for Jessica Chastain. After starring in seven films in 2011, and receiving an Oscar nomination in 2012, the flame-haired pulchritude has been named in the Time 100 most influential people in the world. The images show she has become a hair and fashion and style inspiration, too. Always beaming, always beautiful her hair is her ultimate accessory; she changes it up according to mood. There is the modern appeal of a hair up, half down insouciant ‘do; there is the swept back grace of a medieval princess; and there is the romantic cascading curls of an old-Hollywood starlet. What’s your flavor?

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