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We adore Michelle Williams’ feminine take on the short shape so, at first, we were perplexed by this avant-garde update. With the likes of Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Miley Cyrus rocking similar cuts, the style isn’t that far removed from the everyday, yet it seems more suited to young pop stars than sophisticated movie stars. When, however, we put down our ‘Michelle Williams much look rosily pretty’ agenda it’s easier to see why she went for it. The shaven side fits the asymmetrical trend, and is great for opening her face-frame. Then, with the piece-y, swooping bangs moving across her eye line from short to long, we are practically forced to acknowledge her bewitching eyes, buxom cheeks, luscious lips. Most of all, it helps the girl who will be this summer’s fairytale princess create more of a rebellious, edgy perception of her own personality. For anyone that wants to define their spirit with a vanguard pixie cut, click style notes.

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