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Changing your hair color or cut is a big decision that is often carefully thought out before making the final commitment. Some people may not see it as dramatic of a change that it is, but the reality is that a new do will affect the way you do your makeup and wear your clothes. It’s a head-to-toe transformation that we’d like to try on before we buy, and the way to imagine yourself in celebrity hairdos is by using your handy smartphone or tablet.

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The Kardashian ladies are known to switch up their hair dos. From Kylie’s wigs and extensions to Kim’s appearance as a platinum blonde, I’m never too surprised to witness a new do. Kendall, however is always the one in the bunch to keep a consistent look. That is, until Kendall showed off a new much shorter crop on social media. I know we’ve seen a lot of lobs on celebrities, but this one is truly a surprise. Will lobs again reign the summer? I can’t say for sure, but if you’re into Kendall’s look, click through to stylenotes to learn what you need to emulate it. Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

kendall blonde

Ring the alarm, another Kardashian goes blonde. Kendall Jenner, (perhaps the most credible of the gang) recently posted two sleepy, full-on blonde photos on her feed. A closer analysis reveals that Kendall’s new do is probably a wig. While Kendall does have potential to go lighter, tones other than golden blonde will be more complementary for her skin tone. Thinking about going blonde yourself? Click through to style notes to learn the five top things to consider when lightning your locks. –– Michelle Rotbart

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The undercut is coming back in a big way. The most recent person to take the plunge was Kylie Jenner, who is fast becoming a hairstyle icon. With her recent blue, then back to brunette, and now this undercut we love her adventurous spirit when choosing hairstyles. Undercuts were a huge trend a couple years with many celebrities taking one side of their hair off, now we are seeing the reemergence of the undercut, but in the back. Click the notes for details on who an undercut is right for.  –– Kelly Rowe

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