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This image of fashion blogger Keiko Lynn shows us the bohemian beauty of the humble headscarf. This is a great look for summer as it protects hair from UV rays, is super simple to do, and has that effortless and carefree summer vibe. Ready to give it a go? Get tips in the notes.

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Famous fashion blogger Keiko Lynn has an inspiring sense of style –– a clever combination of the whimsical, the beatnik, and the chic. Right now, we’re loving her hairstyle. A short and choppy shag with lots of textured layers all through the front, top, sides and back it promotes a soft, cascading, carefree style, perfect for the modern girl about town –– the one who prefers to wash and wear than to blow-dry the day away.  Keiko, a ravishing raven-head, likes her hair color natural, but if you enjoy adding hue to your locks, a blend of high and low lights around the bangs is a great way to soften features and draw attention towards the eyes. For our tips on achieving and maintaining a similar look, click style notes.

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Keiko Lynn

Brooklyn based blogger Keiko Lynn is eye candy for us. Her modern take on vintage style is whimsical, original, and sweet visual relief from mass consumer fashion. We especially enjoy how she uses texture, saturated colors, and graphic prints –– Keiko grounds them in black or other neutrals to bring balance to ensembles. Her quirky accessories are another favorite of ours; the tortoise shell Elizabeth and James Lafayette sunglasses are sublime. Regarding beauty, Keiko loves a painted pout –– to accentuate her full lips. Plus, we’re inspired by her wispy short bob. A departure for her –– she has worn her hair long for years –– we think it’s the perfect fit for her feminine aesthetic, and it frames her face beautifully. To learn more about Keiko and her style, click style notes.

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No sooner had we told you about Keiko Lynn’s sexy side sweep than she was back in the ARROJO salon to see veteran NY Fashion Week stylist, Tim Duenas, about going all mod. Although her reasons seem more practical than fashionable –– on her blog she said, “I’m kind of loving the ease of short hair” –– there’s no denying the sultry sixties appeal of a modern mod look. We love how she was brave enough cut off her signature long locks, and we love how she’s given a vintage classic a contemporary twist. If you’d like tips for getting a similar style, click style notes for Tim Duenas’ first hand, expert account.  Click for StyleNotes →

Popular fashion blogger and designer, Keiko Lynn went to the New York’s acclaimed downtown institution, ARROJO, to update her look for Fashion Week. Tim Duenas, a veteran runway stylist, gave her a layered razor-cut that is shorter than her typical style, and added a sexy new sweeping bang –– she was soon writing on her blog about her new look: “It feels a lot lighter without all the extra length, and the shorter layers up top make it so that I can roll out of bed and it will still look cool. Hooray for haircuts!” So, what’s the key to getting a similarly effortless, wash and wear style? To get Tim’s insights, click style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →