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Last week’s Fendi Fall 2016 Couture collection was beyond enchanting. The collection, a full-blown couture fantasy, was inspired by a 1914 book of fairy tales, East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Karl Lagerfeld pulled much of the inspiration directly from the illustrations in the book, including plenty of beautiful details like empire waists, bell sleeves, floral details, wispy dresses and plenty of fur accents. And of course, fairy tale creations require fantasy hair, which the beauty team interpreted as a mixture of Pre-Raphaelite damsel meets Scarlett O’Hara. The models’ hair was parted in the center and curled into soft and fuzzy ringlets, tied half up, and finished off with pastel ribbons. Talk about inspiration for your next Midsummer Night’s Dream party! To see more looks from this surreal summer show, click through to the notes. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →



After seasons and seasons of washing our hair as little as possible, it maybe time to make the switch from unwashed lengths, or at least look like it. Since this summer is all about sleek and wet hair looks that last way beyond the shower, it’s time to rock a look that looks like you just combed it back after a quick dip in the water. I’ve seen everyone from cool girls like Joan Smalls walk the red carpet wearing this look to girls on the runway at Calvin Klein and Dior strut down the runway wearing wet lengths. But you don’t have to be a celebrity or at fashion week to wear this style. It translates into everyday quite easily, becoming a more softer and cleaner approach that just boarders on the wet look. To learn how to wear it, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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The Kardashian ladies are known to switch up their hair dos. From Kylie’s wigs and extensions to Kim’s appearance as a platinum blonde, I’m never too surprised to witness a new do. Kendall, however is always the one in the bunch to keep a consistent look. That is, until Kendall showed off a new much shorter crop on social media. I know we’ve seen a lot of lobs on celebrities, but this one is truly a surprise. Will lobs again reign the summer? I can’t say for sure, but if you’re into Kendall’s look, click through to stylenotes to learn what you need to emulate it. Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →


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This Memorial Day weekend, whether you’re headed home or on a fabulous trip you’ll definitely want to arrive in style. Without a doubt the airport is one of the best places to spot great celebrity style. So while last week I did a whole post on  inspirational red carpet at Cannes, this week I’m focusing on the wealth of beauty and sartorial style seen at the city’s airport terminals. My favorite stylish celebrities, and their fabulous hair touched down in either long and loose cascading waves or more low-maintenance raked-back braids and ponytails. Either way, these were some high impact looks. So whatever your style there is a great jet setter with great hair guaranteed to inspire you the next time you’re packing your bags. Click through to the notes to see my favorite looks. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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I’m a self proclaimed lazy gal when it comes to hair maintenance. Basically, the less I have to do the better. This laziness makes me love the whole model-off-duty windswept, tousled, I woke up like this look. It also makes me search out the best of lazy girl hacks, especially those recommended by it girls and models. Don’t get too excited though, it girl hacks aren’t actually roll out of bed lazy, they’re more minimal effort for max results. Click through to style notes to learn what I found. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →