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Natural haircare products often boast the inclusion of essential oils. From familiar favorites like lavender, to exotic inclusions like Ylang Ylang, these oils provide delicious aromas but do they do anything else? Some oils have specific benefits for hair and scalp, but it’s important to know which ones are right for you and which ones could produce undesired effects. Click the notes for a list of common oils and their impact on hair and scalp. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


When someone is considering a different and stand out color for their hair you will notice, more often than not, people gravitate towards violet. Besides being a popular hue, this color literally works on everyone. So what makes violet so special? Click the notes. –Kelly Rowe

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Winter white touched with a dash of rosy glow is a a gorgeous, take on pale blonde hair that nods to the pastel trend without looking extreme. Natural hues with unexpected overtones are a big trend this season, giving the girl on the street an office-appropriate variation on the pastel trend. This lovely blonde shade is the perfect example. Control the amount of pigmentation with timing; the formula below will create shades ranging from neutral khaki to pastel lavender, depending on processing. Click the style notes to learn more and get the professional formulation. –Laura Martin

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My prediction for the next IT shade to wear is gray based pastels. These mysterious shades are the dark side of whimsical tones. A girl who wears these shades states that she has a bit of an edge. Adding a gray/silver base to these oh-so light tones cools them down, making them moonlit. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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Pastel hair was easy to wear with breezy summer colors, but beloved candy-toned tresses can be challenging to pair with a cold weather wardrobe. This look combines vivid lilac with dark lips, strong brows, and a mix of dark and light clothing for a seasonal take on the trend. Mixing values is a great way to incorporate some pops of brightness. Below, check out our tips for winterizing your favorite misty shade.

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