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Over the last year and a half I’ve grown my hair from an undercut pixie to a collar-bone-length shag (no that’s not me in the picture; it’s blogger Nadia Esra is my go-to for long hair inspiration) and you know what? I’ve loved it every step of the way. I mean sure, I’ve had bad hair days like everyone else, but no weeks or months of awkward in betweens. As a hairdresser, I can’t have bad hair. You may have noticed this with your own stylist, that when they grow out their length, layers, or bangs, they don’t seem to go through any awkwardness. Learn pro tips for growing-out gracefully in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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It’s fairly easy to get a good haircut if the shape that you want is a classic. Half the ladies in Hollywood are sporting a lob these days, so if you want one, it’s easy to find someone with a similar color and texture to your own and bring your stylist a photo. But what if you want something a little more avant garde? What if you’re looking for something you saw once in a movie, or on the street, or maybe just dreamed up on your own? What if you don’t have a photo? How do you explain what you’re looking for? Click the notes to find out. ––  Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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The bob cut uses the angle of the head and the line of the jaw as guides for its shape. It has strong geometry and yet, because it is so closely aligned with bone structure, it also feels organic, natural. This bob explores both sides of the cut’s nature by emphasizing strength with a blunt micro-fringe and softness with airy texture and diffused layers. Click the notes to learn more about this inspiring shape. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Did you get up for work today by telling yourself you don’t have to get up tomorrow? Got your earphones in and your desk jams on? Are you texting friends about the latest Open Bar invitation? It’s official, you’ve got the Friday Feeling. Imagine a hairdo that made you feel like that! Click through for five styles sure to brighten any mood.  Click for StyleNotes →

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Like a well-fitting pair of jeans, these lean haircuts show conform to curves, accentuating the structure of the head, making a svelte silhouette. The slim shape is created with a combination of short and long lengths blended along steep diagonals, reducing bulk without shattering edges. Learn more about these trending shapes in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →