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Cold and wind, rain and sleet and snow all contribute towards making this the most difficult season to care for tresses. The biggest problem was, is, and ever shall be frizz. The combination of blustering winds, dank days, and snowballs can leave hair incredibly dry and lacking moisture, so as soon as you try to style strands, they simply tuft together in a puffy frizz ball. How matronly! But it doesn’t have to be that way. The right regimen makes styling easier. For tips for your best ever season of winter hair care, click style notes.

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In the 90s, my favorite beauty product was a bottle of leave-in conditioner which I used to detangle my hair after washing it with cheap drugstore shampoo. My hair was waist-length back then, and my baby-fine texture looked greasy and limp if I used a rinse-out type conditioner. Since then, I’ve discovered better shampoos, and a number of light-weight conditioners that work effectively with my hair type. I forgot about leave-ins. But recently I’ve started using ARROJO’s cream whip, and I’ve fallen in love with leave-in all over again. A great leave-in does way more than detangle. Click the notes to learn all about the benefits of this next-level conditioner-styler. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →

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Are you welcoming fall with open arms? Pumpkin spice everything, football, and of course cool less humid temperatures. You may be having the best hair days of the year with this weather, but it’s also a good time to start a hair care routine that will keep your locks strong and shiny through the dryer months. Click the notes for more. –Kelly Rowe

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If we had it our way, every morning we’d see our stylist for some fresh out of the salon shine. Sadly, our beloved stylist isn’t small enough to carry around in our pockets so we’ll just have to learn their tricks on how to create shiny hair. There are several easy techniques to use to get that desired glossy finish everyday. Click through to style notes to find out some of our favorites. –– Michelle Rotbart

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