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Portrait of  beautiful woman with blond  hair.  face of fashion model

Recently on there was an article about Beyonce’s blonde hair and how it is instantly iconic. While I agree it will be long remembered, it’s not iconic in a good way. Blonde is great. I am a blonde (with a little help from a colorist) and I love being a blonde, but it isn’t for everyone. Click the notes to see why. –– Kelly Rowe

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Beautiful sexy woman.Flirt Blond Girl with Curly hair

Have you always dreamed of blonde locks? Hair that sparkles in the sun? Or maybe you are just dying to use the hashtag #blondebombshell on your next Instagram picture. Whatever it is you have probably thought once or twice about having blonde hair if you weren’t born with it. So, is it for you? Maybe and maybe not. Here are 5 ways to find out.  –– Kelly Rowe

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