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This image is taken from Inter-Mixture, a new collection imagined by Lina Arrojo. Using American Wave, a pioneering, ammonia-free, ionic permanent waving system that enables stylists to create wavy and curly and beachy textures to go with modern classic colors and signature scissor and razor cuts, we love the soft and springy spirals that define this style. Learn how to steal the look in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →


Taken from Cosmic-POP, a vanguard editorial collection created by the ARROJO Artistic Team, this style marries pop art and glam rock, features the booming trend for glittery roots, and comes in a marvelous minty green color. If you’re looking for a fresh and fab Holiday style, try this bold and dazzling ‘do –– it’s hip, cool, and makes your friends drool. Get the scoop in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →


This image comes from the Cosmic-POP collection, a vanguard editorial created by the ARROJO Artistic Team led by Lina Arrojo for Expo, a recent hair show in NYC. It’s one of the best styles we’ve seen all year. The blonde to violet color highlights the ongoing trend for pastels, seems icily seasonal, and perfectly complements the whimsical lightweight bob with wispy bangs. Learn more about it in the notes.  Click for StyleNotes →



Taken from Lina Arrojo’s collection, Re-Aligned, this is a classic short shape with a modern twist. “In fashion and beauty, we are always looking at what came before as inspiration for what comes next,” says Lina. “With Re-Aligned, I wanted to reignite my love of the classics, while offering a fashionable new collection. This style was made using ARROJO straightedge razor techniques, which means they naturally feature more texture and taper than any previous take on these looks.” Learn how to style a similar shape in the notes. Click for StyleNotes →