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(left and bottom right: Adam Finch,; top right: Anton Kirsanov,

The time may soon come when we talk about fashion without gender labels, when trends will no longer be divided between men and women. Color-trend forecaster Pantone has already done away with a gendered system, providing a seasonal palette that works for both sexes. Hair and beauty looks still show a definite divide, but the lines are softening. We’re seeing more women in buzz cuts and more men with dyed strands. For the coming year blonde hues, detailed fringes, and diffused textures are taking mens looks into softer territory. Click the notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

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Men with braids isn’t exactly a new thing. In fact braids were originally worn by men, by warriors and pirates and vikings. There was a time when entwines were considered the height of manliness. But in recent years the only braid style men have worn is cornrows, and lets be honest, not everyone can pull those off. The new masculine braid uses cornrow technique but on thicker sections for a structured but casual effect that provides a stylish alternative to the man bun. Click the notes for illustrated step-by-step instructions. ––  Laura Martin 

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Mashable, Refinery29, and even Business Insider have proclaimed the end of the beard trend, but there are still quite a few men walking around with serious facial hair. It’s sort of like when the industry declared the end of pastel hair, or ombre. It seems that people are no longer willing to let go of their signature look just because the fashion industry says it’s out. We can all tell when a trend begins, but where it ends, no one seems to know. And when it comes to beards, some men simple look better with them, and know it. Click the notes for some of my favorite examples. –– Laura Martin

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mens tapered look

The men’s look that’s dominated the trends for the last few years has been a prohibition-era inspired disconnected shape: super short sides and back, longer disconnected top. What’s kept the look fresh season after season is variations in styling. We’ve seen it slicked back, brushed to the side, tousled, and now elevated. Gelled or waxed, roots lifted and ends flicked back, creating shape that adds a little eighties influence to the twenties inspiration for a look that’s part dapper and part skater. Pair it with a denim jacket or a fitted suit. –– Laura Martin

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