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Women’s styles often steal liberally from menswear, but it is a more recent trend that men’s fashion borrows from women’s. The bob’s strong lines and minimal need for styling make it ideal for both genders, though the masculine version features a few key differences. Click the notes to learn more about achieving the perfect manly bob. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →



Men’s Fashion Week In New York, wrapped just last week. There was a plethora of excellent wears on the runway, but as any stylish New York knows, it’s not just what’s on the catwalk that is worth keeping an eye on. The real trends are what the the stylish tribes on the streets are rocking. And in New York City that was a great mixture of great toppers, natural and rumpled waves, and some amazing curls and fros. This is a great time to catch on to what will be trending for the next season in men’s hair! Click through the notes to see some of my favorite looks. –– Michelle Rotbart  Click for StyleNotes →

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Trending: Groupon’s Clip-In Man Buns 


Mock if you will, but I love a great man bun on a hot and scruffy guy. A sexy man is even sexier with great hair. Hipsters in Brooklyn made it a thing and leading men like Jared Leto and Charlie Hunnam gave the look the jump to Hollywood. Now it has reached the masses. Groupon, the coupon site, is now selling clip-on man buns, “for the man who wears many hats but no buns.” Hmmmm. Is this for real? Or perhaps an inside joke? The accompanying marketing copy on the site recommends to “put it on when you smell fair-trade coffee” and take it off “ when someone utters the word bro.” It’s a bit early for an April Fool’s gag but it seems that Groupon will have the last laugh on this new trend. Over ten thousand have already been purchased. To see more of this—ahem—interesting look, click through to style notes.  –– Michelle Rotbart

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I have a lot of male friends and they all have curly hair. I’d say it’s weird, but I happen to love men with curly hair, so it’s not really an accident. Curls on a guy are sexy, they give his hair quirkiness, body, and shape, which is great because most men don’t spend a lot of time styling. But in my social circle, I’ve also seen how terrible curls on guys can look with the wrong cut. An unsuitable shape can look fuzzy, chunky, or feminine. Men need loose texture, clean lines and tailored edges to keep their locks under control. Read on to learn more about giving curls a masculine cut. –– Laura Martin

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