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man bun

It may not be new, but I have a hunch the man bun is coming back bigger than ever. With so much gender-bending and androgyny already seen on this year’s runway, the man bun is bound to evolve and grow, going from a trend to a staple. The style reinforces the masculinity of long hair for men, and paired with a little or a lot of scruff and a devil-may-care attitude, it’s sure to dominate 2015. So gentlemen, if you have the length but lack direction, click through to style notes for some inspiration. Just don’t forget the beard. –– Michelle Rotbart

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There are two big trends in men’s cuts at the moment and they’re polar opposites. One style is long, hitting around the collar bone or shoulder with natural texture and a substantial scruff. The other is tight and tailored, with neatly barbered edges, a clean shaven face, and a polished surface. You could, of course, mix and match from these looks, but if you’ve been wearing a retro cut and hipster beard for a while, it might be time for a change. Read on to learn more about achieving and maintaining each look.

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