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When Vidal Sassoon cut Mia Farrow’s long locks into a cropped pixie cut for Roman Polanski’s psychological horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby, it became the most famous haircut in history. Filmed for the world to see, it changed the perception of femininity. The short style was a shocker. It ushered in a new era for fashion and beauty.

Before the 1960s, women were conditioned to wear their hair longer; it was ‘set’ for hours at the salon, and the style was kept day after day. Going short meant liberation from the fetters of set styles, and from the preconceived ideas of beauty. Suddenly women were wearing short hair, A-line dresses, military-inspired suits, and other aspects of mod-inspired androgyny. Not only was it fashionable, the look fitted the lifestyle of a new generation of women who wanted to go to work, and play hard –– which left little time for roller-setting at the salon.

Seeing  Mia, an alluring film star, lose all that length and expose her natural beauty  –– wide eyes, angular cheekbones, elegant petiteness –– inspired a new beauty consciousness. Hair and fashion became intrinsically linked. Woman wanted to feel the power of transformation. Nowadays, individualism reigns, and women can wear any kind of cut, color, shape, or style. Yet it all began with that luxurious, eye-catching crop. Learn more about it below.

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Taken from the Nocturnal collection by Lina Arrojo this vanguard reinterpretation of the bowl features deep-set bangs and a dramatic blue-black color tone. We love how the brow-dusting fringe centers attention on the eyes while the classic, bold and graphic shape remains ideal for framing strong features. Learn how to style a similar look in the notes.

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If your winter wardrobe is feeling bland a dash or sixties modernism is just thing to make it feel fresh. Mod fashion was all about bright colors, bold patterns, clean lines, and graphic accents, the perfect counterpoint to bland winter looks. Read on for 10 ways to give your modern style an injection of mod fashion. –– Laura Martin

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Now that baby boomers are gentrified, counterculture is no longer cool. But the ‘60s generation did do some good. The stylish dressing of the mods made a lasting impression, and their coveted styles are having another moment. Harper’s Bazaar Mexico produced this retro cover story for their November issue. Starring Esther Heesch doing her best Twiggy impression, there’s optical prints, mini skirts and A-lines, and there’s a classic cropped cut, doll-like, androgynous, and bold and blonde and youthful. See all the images and get inspiration for 60s-inspired fal/winter looks in the style notes.

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Give your short cut a new vibe by adding mod details: crisp edges, rounded outlines, and a smooth finish. Graphic silhouettes highlight bone structure with polished sophistication. Emphasize a heart shaped face with a scalloped bang, highlight razor sharp cheekbones with blunt sideburns, or point to a strong jaw with a crisp bob line. Learn more about getting a flattering mod shape in the style notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →