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For the season’s latest hairstyles you don’t have to look much further than your feed.

Less than a decade ago, trends in beauty remained relatively consistent for seasons at a time. Now, however, beauty inspiration doesn’t only come from runway and celebrities. Everyday we’re privy to the personal lives of social media personalities and starlets which helps influence our hair color and style options. Online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube have given birth to plenty of the moment looks and are at times the most influential. Don’t believe me? Click through to the notes to see the looks that produced all the likes and are trending in real life. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


I love undone and messy waves. They’re a great visual cue for telling the world “I’m the Parisian girlfriend of a rock star and I like to lounge along the Champs-Élysées, looking cool. If I can’t be bothered with that, see me by the beach as a laid back surfer chick.” Ah, The Life!  Perfectly imperfect bobs may make you think of the new global glitterati effortlessly sauntering towards their next ridiculously perfect Instagram photo but don’t be fooled, it takes work to look as easy-breezy as this.  So if you’re jonesing for the perfectly imperfect wave, click through to the notes to learn the steps it take to look so cool. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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Second only to braids, messy buns are one of my favorite quick and easy on-the-go styles. It’s perfect for lazy days and still manages to look flirty and carefree. That being said, not all buns are crated equal. Think more Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner messy chignon on an off-duty day rather than post-gym sweaty blob. To nail the style with minimal effort, simply spray in refinish through tendrils and throw it up, while still letting some pieces fall as they desire. If you really want to be daring slide in a clip or hair comb. So if you can’t be bothered to wake up early or pull out your heat tools, click through to the notes and see how you can wear a bun all summer long. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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Gigi and Bella are both stunning, but their looks represent very different aspects of feminine beauty. Gigi’s style is sweet, girly, and boho. Her beachy waves and sweet smile are pretty and soft. Bella’s look is a edgy and strong. Her sleek, dark strands and love of dramatic necklines gives her an exotic, striking appearance. Between the two of them, these gorgeous sisters offer inspiration for women all across the fashion spectrum. Learn to steal their signature hairstyles in the notes. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →


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It’s almost the springtime, which means many of us want to chop off tendrils and start anew. If you are thinking of a cut, why not use some inspiration from this past fashion month? Based on what I saw, the statement cut is definitely back in. No more meh long locks, the coolest models and it girls are rocking a variety of look at me dos. Think soft pixies, crops, and shags. And of course texture is so in right now that any cut you choose will truly be you. Click through to style notes for more inspiration. Choose your favorite and bring it in to your stylist. You’ll be fresh for spring in no time. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →