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Mega Sexy Volume. It’s something we’re all after. It’s practically a trademark to every beauty on the front cover of magazines and Hollywood starlets. The crucial nuances behind this look that every woman wants and every man wants to touch is softness, shine, body and most importantly a tousled quality that is just a little lived-in and a lot of sexy. Lucky for you and I, you don’t even need to head to the salon to create the volume and body we all want. Simply click through the notes and follow the steps. Your hair will be the envy of all your friends. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →

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So I just found out I’m headed to Paradise City—ahem—the Guns N’ Roses concert in July. Not only can I not wait to see Axl and Slash but I can’t wait to relive the early ‘90s. (Ok so I was only a toddler then but hey I was alive!) To pull together my look, I’ll be pulling out my cutoff denim and vintage t-shirt courtesy of Forever 21. But no outfit is complete without a great hair do. After doing a little research I found an amazing rock and roll pony that is anything but basic. It’ll get my strands out of my face and keep my cool while I’m singing along to ballads, lighter in hand. Will I see you there? You don’t have to be concert bound to wear this look. Click through to get the how to. –– Michelle Rotbart 
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(left and bottom right: Adam Finch,; top right: Anton Kirsanov,

The time may soon come when we talk about fashion without gender labels, when trends will no longer be divided between men and women. Color-trend forecaster Pantone has already done away with a gendered system, providing a seasonal palette that works for both sexes. Hair and beauty looks still show a definite divide, but the lines are softening. We’re seeing more women in buzz cuts and more men with dyed strands. For the coming year blonde hues, detailed fringes, and diffused textures are taking mens looks into softer territory. Click the notes to learn more. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →


Nowadays, more and more hairdressers are cutting with a razor instead of scissors. By naturally creating texture and taper, it’s an excellent tool to create modern, low-maintenance hairstyles that can be washed and worn with the minimum of fuss, which makes it great for girls on the go. To give you a better idea of why your hairdresser chooses a razor over scissors, take a look at some of the uses for the straight edge blade.

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