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It’s a new year and with it many of us make resolutions to look better and do better. However, we all know that drastic ambitions and promises tend to fail fairly quickly. So this year, we’re suggesting we all take little steps to improve and make our great hair resolutions actually doable. It’s far more productive to make small adjustments everyday rather than drastic quick fixes. You’ll be more likely to stick to your new plan and you’ll end up with the hair of your dreams. Ready to get started? Click through to style notes to get the know-how. Here’s to a year of great hair.

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The start of a new year is a time for assessment and change. We’ve all heard that old habits die hard, but now is the moment to break out of a rut and try something new. If you’ve been hard on your hair this year, turn over a new leaf. Your worst hair frustrations can become distant memories with some alterations to your current routine. A few simple changes will bring a new era of shiner, healthier, mores stylish locks. Click style notes for some of my favorite resolutions for ensuring an epoch of gorgeous strands. –– Laura Martin 

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