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Taken from the new ARROJO Trend Release for 2019, COLLECTIVE, this image highlights a style perfect for your Valentine’s Day Date Night. The deep side part and tousled swoosh encourage an admirer’s eyes to drift across all your prettiest facial features, like cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes. With a blowdryer, your hands and some well-chosen products you can create this look in 15 minutes. Learn how in the style notes.  Click for StyleNotes →

In the city that never sleeps, there is a renaissance of that much-loved old neighborhood standby: the barbershop. Authentic-looking barbershops –– done up with antique fixtures and fittings, vintage barbering chairs, and a bottle of bourbon on the counter –– are popping up all over the five boroughs, ushering in, with a Johnny Cash soundtrack, a new era of gentlemanly fashions. Ahead of the curve, ARROJO’s new collection, Control, is a bespoke example of modern men’s grooming.  Click for StyleNotes →


Heather Epstein is the looker behind the fashion-centric blog, There, Heather struts her stuff on city streets wearing the latest in high end and affordable fashions. We like to keep an eye on what’s she’s up to, and her new hairstyle tells you why. It’s fantastic; the perfect trendy yet versatile look. The razor-cut chin-length bob features square bangs with soft wispiness and a few splashes of hand-painted color on the ends, which adds to the visual interest of the lightly tousled texture. If you want a similar style, learn what to ask your stylist for, and how to style chin-length looks, in the style notes.

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It’s time for some Friday flashback inspiration, courtesy Nick Arrojo. The image above is taken from the Industrial collection, circa 2007. The muse was early 1980s Manchester, England –– a time of uncompromising change in music and fashion, hair and design in Nick’s hometown. The images use the same inspiration that created Manchester’s romantic, graphic, and musical revolution to develop a durable, strong, tough, rugged hair-focused editorial –– reminiscent of that time, with a modern twist. See the full spread of strong and stylized looks with terrific texture and big time sensuality in the style notes…

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