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In the city that never sleeps, there is a renaissance of that much-loved old neighborhood standby: the barbershop. Authentic-looking barbershops –– done up with antique fixtures and fittings, vintage barbering chairs, and a bottle of bourbon on the counter –– are popping up all over the five boroughs, ushering in, with a Johnny Cash soundtrack, a new era of gentlemanly fashions. Ahead of the curve, ARROJO’s new collection, Control, is a bespoke example of modern men’s grooming.  Click for StyleNotes →



The Victoria’s Secret “Angels” have it tough. The lottery of birth means that not only is it part of their job to sit around for hours while a bevy of underlings dance attendance on their every wish, they also have to suffer the ignominy of our casual objectification. Today we’re looking at their bouncy, shapely. . .hair. How does one replicate those flowing fulsome waves? We asked Paul Merritt, the British editorial stylist responsible for creating many of the “Angels’ most iconic runway looks, for a quick how to anyone could do. Get the scoop below. Click for StyleNotes →


Paul Merritt is a British editorial and celebrity stylist who works with Jennifer Lawrence and other A-listers. Splitting his time between London and New York, he now takes clients once a week at ARROJO NYC. To announce himself to New York’s creative community, he created a new editorial, Black Light. Taken from the collection, this image inspires us for the contemporary shape and form, and for the remarkable cotton candy texture–– which looks as light as air. Read Paul’s thought’s about this look in the notes.

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