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All four of the hair colors above could be described as “red” or “copper” but beyond that, it’s hard to differentiate verbally between the different shades. Sure most people can see the differences, but how do you describe them? You could call the top right color “bright copper” but then you might end up with the hue pictured top left. Some people might see the lower left shade as “natural” while others might argue for the lower right. Language is subjective and confusing. Pictures are much clearer. Learn how to communicate with photos to get your perfect hair color in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Portrait of  beautiful woman with blond  hair.  face of fashion model

Recently on there was an article about Beyonce’s blonde hair and how it is instantly iconic. While I agree it will be long remembered, it’s not iconic in a good way. Blonde is great. I am a blonde (with a little help from a colorist) and I love being a blonde, but it isn’t for everyone. Click the notes to see why. –– Kelly Rowe

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