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Last week and Coach hosted a karaoke dance party on Second Avenue’s Ukrainian East Village Restaurant. Besides the menu of pierogies, veal meatballs, and sausages, (who says you can’t talk about food on a hair blog ) the main highlight of the evening was all of the custom flower crowns, aka Ukrainian wreaths, aka vinoks. The simple yet incredibly charming hair adornments of delicate chamomile buds and tea cup roses were a refreshing and lighthearted alternative to the previous season’s floral crowns. Folk and Eastern European influences have been trending this season in fashion and the vinoks continues to gain popularity as a stylish statement. Take note of the models at the party and wear your blooms with great messy texture or a plait and choose small florets. It’s mid-summer beauty, done right. Click through to style notes to see my favorite vinoks. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Photo: Urban Outfitters

It’s finally cooled down which means I can wear some of my favorite fall staples: chunky boots, fuzzy sweaters, berry lipstick, and lots of hats. While I love all hats from the fedora to the knit beanie, I definitely don’t love hat hair. But the great news for all of us is that we don’t have to suffer from bad hair days and can still rock cute hats as the temperature continues to drop. I have four great dos and dont’s on how to avoid hat hair this season and still wear your favorite topper. Click through to the notes for the details. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →


Braids are still very on trend, but we’ve been wearing them for long enough that the usual suspects feel a little tired. Of course there are always more complicated plaits to try, but if you’re not optimistic about your chances of nailing a basket weave you may want to think about different ways to apply the techniques you’re familiar with instead of learning a whole new method. The three looks shown here rely on classic techniques—French braids, cornrows, and plaits—applied in a new way. Click the notes for step-by-steps to creating the looks. –– Laura Martin

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kate bosworth

I will always love a great braid, so when I saw Kate Bosworth’s hair at the SAG Foundation “The Art of More” event recently, I was in total awe and admiration. I’ve called out Kate a few times for her excellent choice in plaits, but this inside-outside braid is so beautiful that I want to wear it now!  Lucky for us, I have a great tutorial for this wonderful Grecian inspired braid. Click through to the notes to get the details on how to emulate this great look. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Beautiful girl with light make-up, perfect skin and hairstyle as a braid. Picture taken in the studio on a gray background

Braiding is hugely popular. I have written numerous times about how much I love braids and how they look so great. Braiding a good way to look stylish and keep hair in place at the same time. You can give off a bohemian vibe or an edgy vibe just by picking a different plait or placement. While I love them on other people I don’t on myself. Click the notes for more. — Kelly Rowe

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