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Some beauty products and treatments carry scary price tags with them. Sticker shock can make you move on to the next item on the aisle or the menu –– to something with a lower price point and less intimidating branding. My tip: don’t let price tags push you around! Sometimes a price doesn’t define the quality or effectiveness of a product or service and sometimes the extravagance is totally worth it. How will you know? Click the notes for four splurges are worth lightening your wallet for. –– Kelly Rowe

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Just because winter is over, doesn’t mean you’re free from dry hair. Sun, salt, chlorine and almost all outdoor water activities can take a hit on your locks. Too much sun exposure to your hair can leave it dull, susceptible to breakage and even cause some funky color changes. But there is a solution, and it’s not staying inside all day and missing out on the roof top pools parties. With the right great-ingredient packed products you can restore and maintain moisture and balance in your hair all the way through September. Ready for some amazing summer locks? Click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart

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